Today is the Lunar New Year famously celebrated in China, and Steam has kicked up another store-wide sale to mark the occasion. As opposed to their other sales, this one has many extra benefits for those looking to shop.

Firstly, there is a discount on your first order over a certain amount. This changes depending on your country and if you have Steam regional pricing there or not, but those in South Africa get R35 off of an order of R200 or more.

Nothing needs to be done to get this discount, simply log in and add games to your cart until you reach the R200 threshold. One interesting point to note here is that the game(s) don’t even need to be on sale for you to get the R35, as long as it’s more than R200.

If that’s not good enough for you, there’s even more to be had through a new token system. On the front page of the store you will find a notification to open a “Red Letter” which will award you some tokens.

These tokes can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, such as more discounts, a badge, profile backgrounds and more.

For example: our Red Letter contained 4 500 tokens. 15 000 tokens can be exchanged for another R35 discount off of another R200 order.

After opening the letter, more tokens can be earned through buying games at a rate of 18 tokens per R1 spent. If you’re buying games as gifts, you get 19 tokes instead.

For the full rules around these tokens, as well as a list of the possible rewards, see the dedicated “Rewards Booth” page.

As always our recommendations for any Steam sale are that you go to your wishlist and see which titles have the best discounts. Since limited time deals were removed from these sales some time ago, you don’t need to rush.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is active right now and runs until 12th February, 8 PM EET.