We are two weeks away from Samsung officially lifting the lid on its Galaxy S10 flagship phone, or rather a trio of flagship phones if rumours are to be believed.

Naturally this means that more leaked information is beginning to surface about the South Korean manufacturer’s upcoming device. We’ve already spotted images of the phones, and now we know more about the wireless connectivity the Galaxy S10 will sport.

More specifically a regulatory filing discovered by Droid Life points to the fact that the Galaxy S10 will support WiFi 6 wireless connections.

If true it would make the Galaxy S10 one of the first phones to do so, with WiFi 6 detailed as the new wireless standard last year.

Being the first in this case may not yield benefits quite yet, especially as routers that support WiFi 6 are limited for now, which means S10 owners would have to wait a few months before they can truly make the most of the next generation wireless standard.

It also won’t bring about massive changes in connectivity speed, as The Verge points out, with WiFi 6 designed to improve performance in household and office environments where a number of devices reside and require wireless internet access.

That said being one of the first will still be a feather in Samsung’s cap, and with the likes of Huawei and OnePlus laying down the gauntlet in terms of smartphone specifications, we assume any edge is welcome.