The game of the year for this year and every year prior – Super Mario Bros. 2 – will join Kirby’s Adventure as the “free” games to be added to Nintendo Switch Online for the month of February.

If at this point you’re asking “hey, wait a minute, isn’t Nintendo Switch Online supposed to give us three ancient emulated NES games per month, not two?”, well yes, it is, and it does if you have a Japanese account.

Just like January the third game on the service will be a Japanese exclusive. The game we’re not getting is sumo title Tsuppari Oozumou, which you can see in the Japanese version of the trailer for these games.

Yes with all the money Nintendo is making off of the Switch and all its games and hardware, not to mention the revenue from the online service, nothing could be spared to localise a game that came out in 1987.

Regardless, if you’ve been suckered into a membership to this service or your online play has been held at ransom and you really want to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, both  Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure will be available come 13th February.

If you, like us, are continually disappointed with Nintendo Switch Online, we recommend sending through a fax which they’ll maybe read and make some changes.