If you’re an Android phone fiend you likely know that Mobile World Congress is happening later this month in Barcelona, as we near closer to the conference it’s time for smartphone makers to drip feed us information about their upcoming devices.

Doing so today is LG, which revealed a bit about its upcoming G8 ThinQ flagship phone.

We now know its name, with LG opting to stick with the ThinQ convention, but one of the pieces of info is regarding the phone’s facial recognition system.

To that end LG has partnered with Infineon to develop a Time of Flight sensor to the front facing setup. For those unfamiliar with the technology it uses infrared light to bounce off of objects for 3D recognition.

In this particular case LG will be employing it for facial recognition, which would now place them on par with the likes of Huawei, Samsung and Apple, all of whom have some sort of facial recognition software on their recent flagship phones.

Whether LG’s version is more secure though, with other company’s systems being duped by a simple high quality print of the phone owner, remains to be seen.

Along with unlocking the G8 ThinQ with a look, this 3D front camera will also add that coveted bokeh effect when taking selfies for portraits, blurring the space around the phone holder’s face.

That’s all that LG is sharing at this stage, so we don’t know what kind of lenses and megapixels the G8 ThinQ will be sporting right now.

If we go off of LG’s past lead ups to MWC, however, they should be dropping a few more crumbs for us to enjoy before the G8 ThinQ gets revealed in full later this month.