After the Metro Exodus controversy and other games becoming exclusive to the Epic Store, there’s a lot of rightful animosity around this new competitor to Steam. Putting that aside, Epic is holding up its promise to provide users of its platform with free games every two weeks.

If you visit the Epic Store right now you’ll be able to nab the highly rated Axiom Verge completely for free. Just make sure you’re signed in, head on over to the store page and click on the purple button which used to indicate that the game sells for $17.99.

This deal is now live and will remain that way until 21st February.

Once Axiom Verge is rotated out, the next free title will be the point and click game Thimbleweed Park. It will also be available for two weeks, starting after 21st February and running until 7th March.

If you can’t wait that long, Thimbleweed Park is not yet available for purchase on the Epic Store, but can be had on Steam for a discount as part of the Lunar New Year Sale.

With Steam still offering compelling features like regional pricing and no questions asked refunds, it remains the best choice for PC games. The Epic Store’s free titles and exclusives seem to be its only compelling draws at the moment.