In 2016, the organising committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics outlined plans to make their medals from recycled gadgets. This did not mean winners would be walking away from the Games with plastic instead of gold, but rather salvaging the precious metals needed in order to make the medals.

That plan has now taken another step to becoming a reality, as the committee says people and companies in Japan have shown great support in donating unwanted or discarded gadgets.

In fact, they say municipal authorities in the country have collected more than 48 tons of e-waste ever since the initiative was first announced.

From all of that, the committee notes that they now have the required amount of precious metals needed to make the medals for athletes. In October last year, they already had 30.3kg kg of gold and 4 100kg of silver, with them reaching their bronze target in June already (2 700kg).

The collection is still ongoing, but will end on 31st March. Later this year the committee will reveal designs of the medals for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games to held in Tokyo next year.

[Source – The Verge] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]