Last week we got a little overeager when a Bloomberg report said the next batch of iPhones could be ditching Lighting ports in favour of USB Type-C, which has become the new standard for Android smartphones and even some of Apple’s newer MacBooks.

Now there is a conflicting report from 9to5Mac (a usually credible source) which says the new iPhones set to be revealed later this year will retain Lighting as their go-to ports.

That’s not to say USB Type-C is totally out of the question for Apple’s mobile devices, but rather that it will be more than a year for them to see the light of day, as the Cupertino-based company is still said to be interested in testing out the port design.

Along with dispelling rumours about USB Type-C, this latest report also notes that Apple will stick with supplying a 5W USB Type-A charger in the box when purchasing the new iPhones.

This means that owners will need to purchase a Lighting to USB Type-C cable in order to hook up their new iPhone (which costs upwards of R20k these days) to most modern power banks or third party charging solutions.

While the decision to stick with Lightning is understandable, given how much Apple and third parties have invested into accessories designed specifically for that unique port, but seeing as how the MacBook has made the switch to USB Type-C, it’s about time that iOS devices did the same.

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