When he’s not starring in the most disliked YouTube video of all time, Will Smith has been filming the new live action remake of Aladdin, which we got to see more of in the past few hours thanks to a brief special look trailer that was just released.

Here we get to see Smith in the full Genie getup and, if you thought they were just going to douse him in blue body paint, you were very wrong.

This version of the character appears to be entirely CG and unnecessarily jacked. Just look at those back muscles at about 50 seconds into the trailer (embedded below). We suppose when you’re stuck in a lamp that long you need something today, and maybe the Genie had a home gym in there.

The character design reminds us a lot of the Guillermo del Toro Hellboy which was also bulky at hell and looked a bit odd at times.

This isn’t the only odd thing in the trailer: the music near the 20 second mark sounds a bit like the famous Avengers theme.

Maybe because of these strange choices people aren’t exactly raving about this short look at the film as it’s piling up dislikes on YouTube. With a general audience who was never fully on board with the film or any of the Disney remakes, we can see why.