Anthem is still on track to launch later this month, and South African director Neill Blomkamp has announced that he is working on content for the title together with his production house Oats Studios.

This was shown recently in a Tweet by Blomkamp (embedded below), which was also shared by Oats Studios with the same text but a slightly different image.

On the surface this pairing makes a lot of sense. The free short films Oats Studios have been posting on YouTube could perfectly fit the aesthetic and feel of Anthem. The prevailing theories is that the studio and Blomkamp will be creating some kind of advert, trailer or film for the game to act as promotion or to fill in some lore.

That having been said, threads on both Reddit and NeoGAF seem to point to a live action affair called “Conviction – An Anthem Story”, set many years before the game takes place.

Both link to a YouTube video which is not available at the time of writing, but will apparently be there come 14th February.

If the partnership isn’t some kind of film we would even like to some cosmetics from Blomkamp and the studio in the game. We’d kill for the exosuit / prawn mech from District 9 as a skin for the Colossus Javelin.

Our theory wouldn’t be out of nowhere either. Blomkamp also tweeted a screenshot from the Apex Legends subreddit which asked for Chappie to be turned into a skin for the playable character Pathfinder in the world’s newest battle royale.