Love it or hate it, Carte Blanche is a South African institution that many people across the country watch before calling the weekend over on a Sunday night.

In recent years, as many people have left DStv, they may have found themselves without a way to watch the show which airs on M-Net.

That has changed slightly as the show now has a YouTube channel where you can watch both snippets of longer segments as well as full investigations that are around 10 minutes long.

While the channel’s first video went up three weeks ago, it’s still relatively unknown as many videos have just a few hundred views. While a select few of their videos (such as their Zimbabwe piece embedded below) are more popular with thousands of views, it still looks like this channel us relatively unknown, which is why we’re writing about it today.

Speaking personally, I haven’t touched anything to do with DStv for years now, so the ability to watch some of this show without a subscription to the service is great.

There’s one oddity when looking over this channel: the subscriber count is disabled. Because of this the exact amount of people subscribed to the channel is a mystery.

In addition to this certain videos also have the amount of likes / dislikes hidden, and the comments are disabled. Given that this is mainly true for the earlier uploads, we assume it was just them testing things out.

Finally, the videos seem to cap out at 720p, so you won’t be able to watch these at full HD.

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