With Amazon and Microsoft bringing data centres to South Africa we have another firm’s name to add to the pile – Huawei.

The Chinese telecom behemoth has today announced that it has been working with South African partners (names were not mentioned) to construct data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The first city flagged for a data centre is Johannesburg with plans to bring one to Cape Town at a later date.

What makes this news particularly exciting is that Huawei plans to launch the data centre in March. Should this happen it would make Huawei Cloud the first cloud service provider with an operational data centre in Africa.

“In the Cloud 2.0 era, infrastructure must meet the rapid development of big data so that hundreds of industries, especially Internet, can mine more dividends from data. The physicality of industry is integrating with IT in deeper ways to improve productivity and socioeconomic benefit,” Huawei Cloud’s Farouk Osman Latib said in a statement.

While there are a number of cloud services available to South Africa the lack of a regional data centre presents a few problems – latency being among the more pressing though questions around data sovereignty are also a bugbear for many enterprises.

Huawei Cloud has launched more than 160 cloud services across 18 categories with over 60 general-purpose solutions.

Trials of Huawei Cloud in South Africa will begin next week based on the local data centre.