There’s less than two weeks to go until MWC 19 kicks off, which means the leaked images of upcoming flagship phones have begun to surface online.

The latest one is for the LG G8 ThinQ, with serial leaker Evan Blass taking to Twitter, as is his modus operandi, to reveal shots of the new flagship phone from all angles.

LG is yet to confirm whether this is indeed what their new flagship phone will look like, but given Blass’ history, this is more than likely what the finished product will resemble.

If that’s the case, there doesn’t seem to be much aesthetic difference between this new G8 ThinQ and its predecessor.

Apart from the leaks pictured above, we know very little about LG’s forthcoming device, other than it sporting an Apple-esque 3D face scanning feature to take care of biometrics.

There could also be touch-less controls for the phone, which is something that Samsung tried out a few years back, but never caught on with the rest of the industry.

It also seems as if LG is sticking with a screen notch, which is a tad concerning as many other manufacturers are moving on to different screen designs.

Hopefully LG has ensured the G8 ThinQ is packing some firepower under the hood, and opted for some top of the line specifications to interest consumers.

If not, it could prove to be a rather lacklustre MWC for LG this year.