African biotech incubator, OneBio has issued a call to biotech startups looking to be incubated.

The incubation programme will run over a six month period and will consist of workshops, coaching session, online content and in-person bootcamps in Cape Town.

The best part is that incubation is free.

“During contact weeks, businesses will have access to lab facilities and co-working space, undertake excursions, be inspired at fireside chats, and be introduced to potential partners and funders. Co-working and lab-space will be available for startups in both Cape Town and Bulawayo. The programme will culminate in a demo day, where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch to local investors,” explains OneBio.

The incubation programme is designed for startups in the late research cycle and in the early product cycle. One Bio points out that this typically applies to scientists who lack the business acumen to get their product off of the ground.

“Areas of interest include entrepreneurs solving problems in consumer biology, future food and agriculture, bio-materials, industrial biology, biological tools, animal health, therapeutics and regenerative medicines, to name a few areas. Solutions that arise at the convergence of laboratory work and computational science are encouraged. Startups need to be based in either South Africa or Zimbabwe. Teams of at least 2 co-founders are preferred,” adds OneBio.

To apply for this incubation programme and get more information head to the OneBio website and click Apply Now.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]