Hey everyone, want a feel good, easy to watch animated video this Monday morning? Too bad because Kurzgesagt’s latest offering is about loneliness.

If you’ve not heard of the strangely-named channel before (it’s German), it focuses on researched, short videos usually around 10 minutes in length, which are then beautifully animated in its unique art style. There’s also a lot of research that goes into each topic that is referenced at the bottom of the frame with links you can read more about in the video description.

These end up feeling like very short documentaries, and this one on loneliness is no different. It’s the great paradox that, in modern times through the internet, the world is as connected as ever but the amount of people who feel isolated continues to grow.

The reason for this is, once again, our dumb lizard brains. Back when we were more analogous to pack animals than a human society, fitting in with your tribe was a matter of life and death. Being a loner didn’t mean turning down a party, it meant being ostracised from the pack and becoming an easy meal for another animal.

In modern times not being immersed with others kicks off these feelings again and it can have dire consequences. So much so that, as stated in the video, it is worse for you than obesity and equals smoking two packs a day when it comes to eventually killing you (this is on top of a host of other terrible side effects).

It’s a bit funny to think that not being part of a group in ancient times would kill you, and now avoiding that group in modern times might kill you too.

All of this reminds us of various threads on Ask Reddit. Because nothing is new on the internet, the question of regret usually comes up often and many posts ask some variation of “older people: what do you regret?”, with many of the top answers usually being a failure to spend more time with others.

Oof. Yikes. All the other words we now use to sidestep this kind of difficult topic.

The video does end with a bit of positivity in the form of suggestions for those who feel like loneliness is impacting their lives The biggest one here is seeing a professional if it’s serious, but trying to be mindful of your actions and how you interpret those of others is equally important.

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.