Last year NBC’s president Jennifer Salke joined Amazon Studios as their new CEO, but at the time the ambitions she had for the company were unknown.

Now a bit more light has been shed on said plans, with The Hollywood Reporter (THR) recently interviewing Salke after a busy Sundance Film Festival where Amazon Studios purchased five independently produced films to the tune of $47 million in total.

Salke spoke about those acquisitions, along with Amazon Studios’ desire to take on the likes of Netflix when it came to original content.

In fact, she noted that Amazon Studios wants to aim to release 30 films every year, with it comprisingĀ a mix of blockbuster movies, art house projects and content which will be available to stream directly from Amazon Prime Video.

Salke also added that Amazon Studios may adopt a different approach when it comes to releasing films in theatres, with some projects potentially taking shorter or longer to leave theatres depending on the project.

The Studios’ recent film, Beautiful Boy, for example could be one such film where that approach could be adopted. This as films intended for awards season need to be shown in theatres a certain number of days in order to be considered.

To that end Amazon Studios could use a theatrical release in order to make a film viable for award nominations, and then two weeks later make it available to stream via Amazon Prime Video to ensure users have ready access to it.

Whether this approach can wrestle some of the dominance away from Netflix in future, remains to be seen.

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