The Central Perk cafe – as seen in countless episodes of Friends – is set to be further immortalised in LEGO form as it’s destined to hit shelves as an official set sometimes in the near future.

This is thanks to LEGO Ideas, a platform that allows anyone to submit their creations to the company with the hopes of it being turned into a commercial set.

The coffee shop was created by French builder Aymeric Fievet and, as revealed in an interview, his interpretation of the space took about 1 750 pieces to create.

That being said, when you look over the pictures on this page just remember that LEGO will make changes (sometimes drastic ones) to a fan build before it’s suitable to be a set.

No date has been given for when the store will be available for purchase, but it has been confirmed that it will be out there before the end of the year.

If you’re not the biggest fan of Friends, not to worry as it’s not the only new set to come out of this.

LEGO Ideas sets are approved in waves with a batch of potential builds being reviewed at one time with one or two making the cut and being cleared for production.

This wave of reviews once again had two selections with the second being based the famous Steamboat Willie cartoon.

This set is rather small and simple, featuring the steamboat itself and Mickey, albeit in a rather drab selection of colours to match the look of the original cartoon.

If we’re being honest here, these two are the most boring sets that could have been chosen. As we explained back in September of last year, various sets based on space exploration were up for review along with the cafe and Steamboat Willie. Unfortunately we may never see a set based on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy.

The best news to come from this is the next round of reviews, which was announced at the end of the blog post attached to this news. Five more builds are up for review with the absolutely amazing working LEGO piano being one of them. We’re hoping for the piano or the dinosaur fossils, but we’ve been disappointed before.

We should have news on this next wave in the US Summer of this year, which is anywhere between late June and late September.

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