After a rather good year as regards its handsets, Samsung is due to announce its next big product on Wednesday at a Galaxy Unpacked event.

Given the timing of the event as well as the flood of rumours that have flooded the industry of late, we suspect that we’ll be seeing a new handset announcement.

Of course, Samsung could just be looking back at 10 years of the Galaxy brand though we’re more inclined to believe that the event will be used to showcase a new smartphone.

The smartphone appears to be the Galaxy S10 which we know quite a bit about already.

For one there will be three handsets within the S10 SKU namely, a 6.4inch, 6.1inch and 5.8inch variant.

The two bigger handsets are thought to contain in-display fingerprint scanners due to the lack of a physical scanner in leaked images we’ve seen. Samsung also won’t be opting for a notch at the top of the display put rather a “hole-punch” design that we feel is a lot easier on the eyes.

Aside from that we don’t know much else but we won’t have to wait long for more information.

We’ll be attending a live stream event locally with Samsung South Africa where we’ll be bringing the news as it’s announced.

For those that want to watch the stream live your only option as of right now is to head to the official Samsung website and watch it there.

If you head there right now you’ll see the teaser we’ve embedded at the bottom of this post.

That having been said, for previous Unpacked events we’ve been able to watch the stream on YouTube. Whether this will be the case tomorrow remains to be seen but we will be sure to update this post when the stream is linkable.

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