Flow is a recently launched mobile app (iOS and Android), that wants to change the way we see renting and being a good tenant with its rewards programme, according to its developers.

The company says that tenants can get up to 20 percent of their rent back in rewards. You get rewarded for registering on their app, adding your property details, paying rent on time, good rental behaviour and looking after the properties you are renting.

It’s important to know though, is that the app is designed specifically for millennials, which the company classifies as people aged between 22 and  37 years old, in order to qualify for the rewards.

Rewards come in the form of as vouchers for entertainment, homeware, fashion and, travel, as well as space plus a selection of airtime and electricity vouchers.

“Millennials are seeking the ultimate flexible in most aspects of their lives, and it was this trend that resulted in our idea to create Flow, the first app globally to reward good tenants,” said CEO of Flow, Gil Sperling.

He also adds that some of the financial burden that’s lessened as a result of paying less for rent via Flow, opens up the opportunity for millennials to put their hard-earned pay checks towards other ventures.

Whether that ends up being the case for Flow users, remains to be seen, but is certainly an interesting prospect.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]