The days of remaining loyal to specific tech brands is long gone, as consumers want the most effective and efficient solution at their fingertips. This means that while you may opt for Apple when it comes to your notebook, you could favour Samsung for your smartphone.

Ultimately all these different mobile devices feature their own unique setups when it comes ports, connections or cables.

This invariably means you’ll either have to embrace the dongle life, or carry around a host of cables and connections in order to ensure your devices stay charged, and can transfer data between one another.

If the thought of such an existence is too much to bear, there are a handful of innovative solutions out there to assist.

Case in point the i-Cable Multi-Plug 180 from accessories specialist PQI.   

Three’s company

This ingenious cable features a three-headed Lightning, Type-C and microUSB connection on one end, and standard USB Type-A on the other. As such it can cater to host of different mobile devices without having to carry around a bunch of separate cables at the same time.

To provide some peace of mind, PQI also notes that the i-Cable Multi-Plug 180 is specifically designed to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, which is sometimes a concern when dealing with cables that are not Apple-branded.

As for the connections themselves, for those unfamiliar with USB Type-C, which is common on most Android smartphones and new MacBooks these days, the design is such that you don’t have to worry about which direction you’re plugging the connection into the device.

The same goes for Lightning, with microUSB being the only one you need to check before slotting in.

Made to last

Along with the convenience of being able to charge and transfer files from a range of different devices, PQI has opted for a truly high quality construction on the i-Cable Multi-Plug 180.

The main cable for example is covered in an interwoven composite fibre, which is capable of twisting 180-degrees without any kind of wear or tear on the cable itself. So much so that PQI says it can manage up to 10 000 bends without even flinching.

It also has the added benefit of being far less prone to tangling compared to the regular plastic covered cables you get in the box when buying new devices. Added to this is a hidden inner metallic sheath for enhanced durability, which PQI says is capable of handling up to 50kg of weight without buckling under the pressure. 

As such when it comes to durability, the i-Cable Multi-Plug 180 is more than ready to take some punishment.

To find out more about the i-Cable Multi-Plug 180 or PQI’s other accessories, head here.

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