This evening at its Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, Samsung revealed three new wearables.

The wearables in question are the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit/Galaxy Fit e and the Galaxy Buds.

Okay, so let’s look at the Galaxy Watch Active first.

The smart watch is designed for those that lead an active lifestyle and features a blood pressure monitoring. The wearable will also track exercise, sleep, stress and other aspects of your health.

The Watch Active is compatible with Android and iOS and can be controlled with your voice thanks to Bixby.

The display is 1.1inch affair and it’s powered by a tiny 230mAh.

On to the Galaxy Fit/Galaxy Fit e.

This is a leaner wearable that cuts the stuff you don’t need.

It still tracks your activity, and can do so automatically so you can go from cycling to jogging seamlessly.

The wearables are also water resistant and should survive a dip in the pool or a shower.

The Fit is the more feature packed of the two with more RAM, more RAM and a gyroscope. There is also a larger display and better processor in the Fit compared to the Fit e.

Then, finally, Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds which are wireless in-ear monitors. The earphones are designed in conjunction with AKG.

Samsung says you should be able to take five hours of calls and listen to music for six hours before needing to charge them up.

The Buds also feature support for Bixby.

The Buds will also automatically pair with your tablet or smartphone when you open the lid. We’re sure we’ve seen this before somewhere, oh that’s right, Apple’s Airpods do the same thing.

The coolest feature we saw though was the ability to use you S10 to charge the Buds or the Watch Active wirelessly.

There’s no word yet on pricing for any of the wearables or the Galaxy Buds. We’ll be sure to update you when we have more information.