While the choice of 3D printers offered locally is more diverse than ever before, there remains some brands and models that are more difficult to come by, and that is where Gearbest comes in.

The overseas online retailer which ships to South Africa offers a wide range of 3D printers, including the venerable offerings from Creality.

Today let’s look at the CR-10S Pro which was launched very recently and can be ordered right now.

The build volume here is rather large at 30 X 30 X 40 centimetres. Looking at our recent library of past 3D Print of the Day features, you could make a Startrek spacedock, an Animated Series Batmobile or even Iron Man’s helmet from Endgame – as long as you’re not wanting to make a whole Iron Man suit, you should be fine. Actually, scrap that, because you could print one of those too if you do it in sections.

Like the last 3D printer from Gearbest that we featured, there are features in place here to protect your print from South Africa’s unreliable electricity. A reliable power supply together with an “Auto Resume Print” function means that you can continue a print even if you are hit with an outage many hours into a job.

Another big point for the CR-10S Pro and its ability to pump out perfect prints is the automatic levelling. This saves you time both when you’re setting the print up, and from having to start over again if there’s a problem.

For interacting with your printer this isn’t a case of needing an external device as the LCD touchscreen can be used to control everything.

These are just some of the features, not mentioning the Teflon tubing for smoother movements, 110° print bed and filament detection. That last part is especially important if you’re planning on printing in some exotic materials like wood and metals when regular plastic gets a bit boring.

If all of this has you wanting to pick up a CR-10S Pro, you can do so at a reduced price right now. This 3D printer is currently discounted by 12% on Gearbest. Only a few hundred units are selling at this discount, so make sure you order one before they sell out or the sale ends around 24th February 2019.

If this specific printer isn’t for you there’s a wide range of others on offer. If you’re looking to spend a bit more or a bit less, the full range of 3D printer kits is here for you to browse. In the past we’ve featured the Tronxy X1 from Gearbest which is very cheap and can get you into printing for less than two thousand rand. There we also point out one of the main benefits of buying these kits: assembling your own machine gives you a deep insight into these printers which will come in handy if you run into a problem, when you want to make a modification, or when you’re looking to upgrade to something more advanced.

Gearbest also runs multiple sales throughout the year, so there’s always an opportunity to get one for less.

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