Perhaps the most hectic week when it comes to the mobile consumer electronics industry, MWC 19 will see most of the world’s top smartphone makers descend on Barcelona to reveal their latest devices.

As such there will be several press conferences taking place between 24th February and 28th February, with the former in particular playing host to Day Zero when most of the major unveilings will be happening.

To stay on top of things, as well as plan where you’ll be devoting your attention, we’ve listed how to watch each manufacturer’s live streamed press conference below.

HMD Global (Nokia)

One of the companies doing their unveiling on Day Zero is HMD Global, which aims to reveal some new Nokia Mobile branded devices. As with past years HMD will host a live streamed event via the Nokia Mobile Facebook page.

The event is set to begin at 17:00 local time, so tune in then to see what HMD Global has been working on.


Another company showcasing their wares on Day Zero is Huawei, and the Chinese manufacturer is planning to debut quite a bit at their event.

With Samsung revealing all their new devices a few days earlier, it opens up the opportunity for Huawei to steal the show in Barcelona.

Whether they do, remains to be seen, but you can head to the Huawei Mobile YouTube channel at 15:00 local time on 24th February to see what they have in store.

Lenovo (Motorola)

Next up is Lenovo, which owns Motorola, with the company being somewhat of a wildcard for this year’s MWC.

Exactly what the firm wishes to unveil in Barcelona remains to be seen, but reports suggest a retro-inspired RAZR is in the works, which could also feature a foldable design.

Unlike other companies Lenovo is hosting their press conference on the first day of MWC 19, 25th February, at 11:00 local time on a dedicated Mobile World Congress webpage.

Could this be the year the Motorola brand makes a big splash?


As for LG, they won’t be kicking off Day Zero, as they normally do. Their press conference is scheduled for 20:30 local time, with the live stream hosted on the LG Mobile YouTube channel.

We already know what one of their devices will be with details and a few leaks released for the G8 ThinQ.

Whether they’ll have other devices, such as a rumoured device has an additional screen add-on, in tow remains to be seen, but hearing what others have in store, we’re hoping they do.


What will the other big name from South Korea be showing off at MWC 19?

According to reports, nothing new, with the company already debuting their Galaxy S10 quartet of devices and folding phone on the 20th.

As such no press conference is scheduled, but they will have a booth at MWC for people who haven’t any of their new devices yet.


Sony will be keeping to tradition for this year’s MWC 19 and hosting their press conference at 9:30 local time.

Unfortunately reports suggest nothing revolutionary will be unveiled, with the Xperia XZ4 (unofficial name) expected. But there’s always the chance Sony surprises everyone with something weird and wonderful.

You can watch the Sony MWC 19 press conference via their official Sony Mobile blog that morning.