HMD Global unveiled a handful of new devices at its third Mobile World Congress press conference in Barcelona today. Among the smartphones are a pair of mid-range offerings – the Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2.

We have seen past iterations of the Nokia 3, but this is the first time a Nokia 4 has seen the light of day, but given both phones have such similar specifications, the latter has also received the .2 moniker.

Okay, that’s enough about naming conventions. Let’s focus on the devices at hand.

Nokia 4.2 in Pink Sand.

Starting with the Nokia 3.2, it has an all-screen design with a 6.26″ display up front. The Nokia 4.2 is slightly smaller at 5.71″, but also sports an all-screen display and tear drop notch at the top.

From there, both devices are sporting much of the same specifications.

There’s a 13MP and 5MP dual lens setup on the rear for example. The former takes care of most imaging, with the latter designed for depth sensing and delivering that coveted bokeh effect when taking portraits.

Some of the other notable aspects for both devices is the button layout, with each having a dedicated button for Google Assistant, along with the power button featuring a small light that activates when notifications are received, which is handy should important messages come in while the phone is face down.

The similarities continue with the both the Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 working on the Android One operating system, and HMD Global confirming that they’ll be receiving Android Q and Android R updates when each OS rolls out.

Like all the devices shown today, no precise date for a local launch in known for either phone yet, but HMD Global has provided some recommended pricing for select regions. To that end the Nokia 3.2 is expected to retail for around $139 and Nokia 4.2 for an estimated $169.