Lenovo’s Yoga convertible notebooks have gone down a treat in South Africa, but when it comes to accessories, there have not been many options.

Taking care of that shortcoming is the new Yoga ANC headphones.

These wireless offerings, debuted at MWC 19 this week, pack quite a bit of tech inside their relatively lightweight frame, which weighs roughly 200 grams.

To that end, as the name would suggest, these Yoga headphones feature active noise cancelling technology (ANC) which tries to minimise the external noise heard while listening to them.

Added to this is environmental noise cancelling technology which should further lessen the amount of sound that impacts the wearer’s listening experience.

As for the aforementioned wireless functionality, Lenovo has opted for Bluetooth 5.0 has the go-to connectivity of choice for this particular model of headphone.

Looking at some of the smart features, the mics on the Yoga ANC can be voiced for voice-controlled functions, with the Dolby-tuned drivers on the device helping to block out noise once again should you be using the headphones while taking a call.

Unfortunately there is no word yet from Lenovo as to whether this latest Yoga-branded accessory is destined for South African shores, despite us really wanting them too.

For now they’re slated for release in June this year for select European markets, carrying with it a recommended price tag of €158 (~R2 490). Whether it will be in the same ball park locally, however, remains to be seen.