For Lenovo its ThinkPad lineup has been one of the best product ranges int he company’s stable. But when it comes to accessories, the options are a tad limited.

That changed somewhat today at MWC 19 as Lenovo debuted the ThinkVision M14 mobile display.

This device is designed for a very particular type of consumer – one who enjoys having two screens to work and do some serious multitasking Lenovo tells us.

As for the ThinkVision itself, it’s a 14″ model that connects via USB Type-C to your chosen Lenovo ThinkPad notebook. One of the interesting elements in terms of its connectivity, is the fact that it has a USB Type-C port on both the left and right hands side of the display.

This may seem like a small detail, but ti does mean that you’re not restricted in terms of which side of your notebook you place the display.

Other specifications include 300nits of brightness, as well as a FullHD resolution. Added to this is a small 4.6mm thin bezel and an extremely lightweight construction that tips the scale at just under 590 grams. The ThinkVision 14 also comes with a hard plastic sleeve to protect the display while carrying it around.

There’s a kickstand too which houses the speakers for this unit, along with offering either -10 degrees or 90 degrees of tilt for a wide viewing angle range. Furthermore an additional mechanism can lift the height of the ThinkVision to match that of your notebook.

All this will cost approximately $249, but there’s no local pricing at this stage. Missing too is South African availability, but Lenovo tells us that this is a device that they want to launch globally, so we should be hearing about it in coming weeks.