The Department of Higher Education and Training hosted the third World Skills South Africa competition, that kicked off in Durban during the weekend. The competition hosted a series of skills for apprenticeship, training artisan development and vocational education and training.

Winners from this competition will prepare for the World Skills International competition that will be held in Russia in August, where as many as 80 countries are expected to participate.

“This competition has helped encourage me and it gave me knowledge in terms of what steps to follow since I want to study Civil Engineering. I learnt that if I want to pursue bricklaying as a profession I should work on my speed and calculations so my measurements can be exact,” a learner told SABC News.

According to the Department of Higher Education and training there are still stigmas and challenges that exist around artisan, apprenticeship as well as vocational education and training and employment.

“The stigma is still there, hence the Department of Higher Education have got a number of programmes, that specifically seek to address that. Programmes such as the decade of the artisan that is led by the Deputy Minister, Bhuti Manamela, where we are trying to reverse stigma about artisan,” added chief director of artisan development of higher education and training, David Mabuzela.


[Source – SABC News]

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]