From 28th February through 1st March 2019, the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security (ICCWS) will be held at Stellenbosch University (SU) were academics, military and government professionals around the world will gather to share research on cyber warfare.

According to IOL News, a stimulation exercise will take place, demonstrating a critical infrastructure attack and possible dam breaches due to cyber kinetic attack and disinformation/information operations, they will also demonstrate the use of gamification to train and develop different skill sets within a cyber-operational environment.

“This leading international cyber event, which is only held outside of the US for the second time, addresses cyber security, cyber warfare and information warfare, and attracts academics, military and government professionals and practitioners from around the world to present their research findings,” project leader, Noelle Cowling told IOL News.

According to Cowling, bringing all the different experts together is important in building South Africa’s cyber skills. Some of the anticipated keynote will be delivered by Brigadier General, Piet Pieterse on cyber crime as part of a transnational organised crime threat.

“Innovative local partnerships are also key to strengthening South Africa’s cyber posture and this joint initiative with CSIR underscores the importance of collaboration between universities and science councils in knowledge creation,” added Cowling.


[Source – IOL News]

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]