When it comes to its server business, Lenovo’s Data Centre Group (DCG) is looking forward to the possibilities that 5G networks will enable.

So much so that the company revealed their latest offering specifically designed to address the need to offer data centre-esque functionality on the edge with the launch of their new ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Server.

The device was announced earlier this week at MWC 19, where it was also showcased at the Lenovo booth, and the company has been eulogising about the benefits such a server could hold for remote data-generating devices that will form the backbone of any IoT system moving forward.

Lenovo is also talking up its small footprint and power efficiency, both of which mean the ThinkSystem SE350 can be placed at several edge locations within a 5G-driven IoT ecosystem.

It’s also capable of handling the elements according to Lenovo, with it functioning at temperatures from 0 degrees celsius to 55 degrees celsius. Added to this is a high level of dust and vibration resistance, along with Lenovo billing it for operation in an office or business setup as well.

As far as where we could see the ThinkSystem SE350 in action, Lenovo has already begun working with the likes of VMware, Pivot3 and Scale Computing to work on solution and services tied to the possibilities of 5G, such as cashier-less stores and advanced surveillance systems.

When South Africans will begin to reap the benefits remains to be seen, with spectrum availability still stalling the roll out of the broadband standard locally. That said, Lenovo has stated that they’re excited by the prospect of the server demand in South Africa, and with the likes of Azure and AWS bringing data centres to the country, the outlook is positive.

As such the ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Server, and other devices of its ilk could form an important part of making IoT systems like smart cities a reality in SA.

Here’s to hoping.