Here we go again folks, load shedding might be making an unwelcome return today and remain with us until the end of the weekend.

This is according to Eskom which has issued a power alert today.

“Eskom regrets that there is an increased risk of Stage 1 rotational loadshedding from 2pm until 10pm today as a result of a shortage of generating capacity. The loadshedding risk remains high for today and tomorrow, and will continue over the weekend as there is a need to replenish emergency reserves (water and diesel) to limit the possibility and magnitude of loadshedding in the following week,” the utility said in a statement.

This is not to say that load shedding will be implemented today but rather that the risk of it is high.

In light of this check your schedules and prepare for the worst. Should the situation change we will be sure to update this story.

[Source – Eskom]