Build up the love with this LEGO Valentine’s Day pop-up book

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If you prefer your Valentine’s Day gifts made by hand instead of bought, here’s a LEGO option you can put together, complete with instructions.

This is a special pop-up book created by Jason Allemann who is known as JK Brickworks online. He’s a titan in the LEGO community having created various intricate builds, one of which even captured the imagination of Adam Savage in this automata of Sisyphus.

For today he’s created this brick built book that has an appealing red and white exterior which opens into a little scene that spells “I ❤ U”.

On top of that, literally, is a ring box which springs up using a lever system. Even the ring inside is made out of official LEGO parts, so you don’t even need to go and buy one of those if you have the correct pieces lying around.

If you’re wondering why Allemann chose a pop-up book of all things, it’s because he has a lot of experience with them and his fan build was turned into an official LEGO set recently.

Those wanting to make their own can find the full instructions to do so over on his website. Given that it is already Valentine’s Day, you’d have to have a huge LEGO collection on standby to get this built before the day is over. Maybe file this away to make for next year.

This isn’t the first time Allemann has made something like this either. Back in 2016 he created this impressive clockwork heart. Using his instructions we even made our own in a different colour at the behest of the recipient.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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