First Dark Phoenix trailer arrives and Jean is wearing that damn jacket again

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After a teaser in September of last year, we finally have a full fat trailer for the latest entry in Fox’s flailing X-Men movie franchise: Dark Phoenix.

Before we go any further, those particularly bothered by spoilers may want to close this story and avoid the trailer. Aside from the fact that it looks to give an overview of the whole film, it also looks to have one big reveal right at the beginning.

Okay, everyone off who wanted to avoid that?

Well okay, it looks like Jean outright murders Mystique at some point. While this could be a bit of misdirection, Jean saying “she was my friend” followed by a burial later in the trailer is pretty conclusive. It would be a bold strategy, Cotton, to kill of the star power of Jennifer Lawrence, but it looks like that’s what they may do.

To get back to our headline, at some points in the trailer and in promotional images for the movie we see Jean once again wearing a goofy jacket. If you don’t remember, the Dark Phoenix part of 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand also saw that iteration of the character wearing something similar. If it seems petty to bring this up, we’re just not sure why the filmakers would do anything to remind audiences of that movie which many consider to be a dumpster fire.

Anyway, the rest of the trailer is rather underwhelming but we’ll let you decide for yourself as it’s embedded below.

Good or bad, Dark Phoenix is likely the last X-Men movie we’ll get before the franchise is folded into the MCU following Disney’s acquisition of Fox. While this has mostly been seen as a good thing (aside from the whole media monopoly worries), a lot of people have fond memories of this series.

Was it confusing with a irreparably destroyed timeline? Yes. Where more than a few movies to come out of it unmitigated disasters? Also yes. But they set some of the groundwork for what would become the MCU and the culture shift towards superhero movies. We also got some gems like Logan and the original 2000 movie.

After some murmurs that Dark Phoenix would skip theatres and be released on Disney’s streaming platform, the trailer description states that we’ll see it on the big screen come 7th June of this year.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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