Gawrsh, this is a great 3D print of Goofy in Kingdom Hearts

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With Kingdom Hearts III finally out, the series is once again inspiring fan creations and maker projects, one of them being this miniature of Goofy.

Ryan Mast is the man behind this project which, unlike most of the prints we feature, is actually based on a 3D scan instead of being created from scratch in some CAD programme.

Mast tells us that he scanned a Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts Goofy figure using an EinScan-SP and went from there.

After some basic edits were done in EinScan’s software and Meshmixer was then used to repair the scan and add in some missing details.

“…joint lines, scan flaws and seam lines were removed [and] details like the eyes, pockets, buttons, sweater lines, and belts were added or accentuated to show up better in a print,” Mast says.

From the beginning of the scan to a finished model, this process took around seven hours to complete.

Printing took a bit longer at 12 hours to create a Goofy that stands 15.2 centimetres tall.

The completed and painted version you see on this page, however, was made by someone else. Thingiverse user MrWongster printed up another version in white PLA before cleaning up some problems around the chin and fingers.

Painting was done with simple acrylics, but they look fantastic here.

To make your own Goofy, grab the files which are available for free from Thingiverse.

If you’re in the mood for more Kingdom Hearts, all the other maker projects we’ve featured around it have been recreations of a Keyblade. One 3D print, one in laser cut wood, and another in LEGO.

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