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Google had its internal apps blocked by Apple as well

Apple is on something of a blocking spree of late with the latest firm finding itself at odds with the company being Google.

Much like Facebook earlier this week, Google had pre-release apps and early versions of Maps, Hangouts and Gmail blocked for violating Apple’s app distribution policy.

The block was instituted following the revelation that Google had distributed a research app for iOS similar to Facebook which allowed users to trade monitoring of their internet usage for gift cards.

Much like Facebook’s app, Google’s software used Apple’s enterprise program to disseminate the app to users. This is a violation of the policy of that program as apps distributed in this way are only meant to be distributed to employees of the company.

Following Facebook breaking its rules, Apple reiterated this week that any company found to be violating its enterprise program policy would have its certificates revoked.

The good news for both Facebook and Google is that certificates for both firms have since been restored according to The Verge.

With that having been said it appears as if Apple is taking a hard line with those that violate its policies. Any firms that are using the enterprise program to distribute apps to non-employees might want to stop doing that.

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