Healthcare organisations favour hybrid cloud solutions

Hybrid cloud solutions are proving rather popular in enterprises but it might surprise you to know that this is the same in healthcare organisations.

In its recent Enterprise Cloud Index Report, Nutanix noted some interesting trends as regards cloud solutions in healthcare.

The enterprise cloud computing firm notes that healthcare organisations have to address a variety of critical IT needs including security, regulatory compliance and protection of sensitive patient information.

As such over 28 percent of the healthcare organisations surveyed by Nutanix said security and compliance were top of mind when choosing where workloads should run.

“With hackers targeting medical records containing sought-after personal details like patient healthcare and insurance information, hospitals and providers require technology solutions that can handle the movement of sensitive data without risk,” explains Nutanix.

Because of online threats and compliance, the healthcare industry is increasingly turning to hybrid cloud solutions. The survey reveals that hybrid cloud deployment within healthcare will jump from 19 percent to 37 percent over the next two years.

Opting for a hybrid cloud solution also allows for smarter healthcare according to Nutanix.

“Infrastructure innovations allow hospitals to manage different applications and data types, take advantage of automation and create new service lines such as telehealth or remote monitoring, thus leading to improved patient engagement,” explains the firm.

With all of this having been said there is something of a quandary as regards hybrid cloud. Popular as it is, Nutanix found that hybrid IT skills are scarce, ranking second behind artificial intelligence and machine learning skills.

Despite this lack of skills, senior vice president of global marketing at Nutanix, Chris Kozup says that demand for hybrid cloud is not going to slow down.

“As our findings predict, healthcare organisations are bullish on hybrid cloud growth for their core applications and will continue to see it as the ideal solution as we usher in the next era of healthcare. With the cloud giving way to new technologies and tools such as machine learning and automation, we expect to see positive changes leading to better healthcare solutions in the long run,”says Kozup.

It’s important to note that a shortage of skills does not mean a complete lack of skills and perhaps this will present an opportunity for resellers, distributors and vendors to provide hybrid solutions that their competition cannot.

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