In the effort to opening up and ensuring wider access to post-school education and training, the government plans to create a centralised application system for higher education and training institutions, this was discussed by the cabinet earlier this week.

According to Business Day, The government states that the Centralised Application Bill would be established for public entity, and it will streamline applications into higher education and training programmes, thus reducing the cost of application, provide applicants with information on academic programmes and enable the Department of Higher Education and institutions of higher learning to monitor equality and demographics.

“A crucial part of this process lies in ensuring that prospective students have access to a single, affordable and easy to understand application system that covers multiple institutions of higher learning,” said the cabinet.

The Centralised Application Bill has been approved and it is published in the government gazette for public comment.  Another Bill that was approved for publication for public comment was the South African Public Library and Information Services Bill, which aims to further the culture of reading by the provision of public libraries, particularly for previously disadvantaged communities.

“Once the Bill is approved, it will address the historical inequalities in respect of public libraries and provide for sufficient accommodating resources for impaired persons, youth elderly and non-English speakers in urban and rural areas,” added the cabinet.

[Source – Business Day]

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]