Continuing the trend of rehashing nostalgia for cash, Pokémon: The First Movie is being remade in CGI as an upcoming release named Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION.

There’s been murmurs about this movie for some time now, but we finally have a first trailer to watch. Unfortunately it is entirely in Japanese, so you’ll have to make do not knowing what the narrator is saying, or relying on dodgy auto-generated translations on YouTube.

That being said it’s easy enough to follow and you’ll understand what’s going on, especially if you’ve seen the original movie.

Seeing all of this remade, especially parts like the cloned Pokémon, is a real treat and that giddy feeling you get seeing old scenes reimagined is exactly why this is probably going to make a lot of money.

Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION will air in Japan come 12th July, with reliable Pokémon fan site PokéBeach stating that it will reach America in the US Fall (between late September and late December). After that it will probably propigate to other parts of the world but for people in countries like us – where these animated Pokémon movies don’t usually see theatre releases – we’ll probably need to wait for it to hit home streaming or physical media.

PokéBeach also provides some extra interesting information, such as the fact that the Takeshi Shudo, writer on the first three Pokémon movies has a credit on this film despite the fact that he has passed away. This is worth mentioning if you had any doubts that this will follow the plot of the original.

Oh, and there’s also some meta commentary or joke to be made here about the fact that Mewtwo is an altered clone of Mew and this movie is an altered clone of the original film, but we’ll leave that to someone writing an essay about it.

Strangely, this is the second movie trailer that Mewtwo has starred in this week as it also popped up in the new Detective Pikachu video.

[Source – PokéBeach]