The latest game to come from publisher Devolver Digital is Ape Out which, despite not being a rhythm game, has a heavy focus on music.

This is because the title doesn’t have a set soundtrack. Instead what the player is doing, the level and more all affect what you will hear.

While we’ve seen this in previous trailers of the game – and the full release which we finished recently- there is now an explanation of how it works.

It’s called the “Reactive Music System” and is outlined in a short trailer embedded below.

While we’ve had some idea of how it works, simply assuming from context, it is interesting to see exactly how it was pulled off. As an example, we didn’t know that there are thousands of drum samples which the game pulls from for any situation.

When we reviewed Ape Out we mentioned that this music system works absolute wonders, which couldn’t be said for the procedural level generation that comes with it. Hopefully patches or updates to this game can bring that system up to snuff with the music which most critics and players are complementing.

Finally, something you may have missed in the trailer, is that the person playing makes quite a few mistakes, missing a kill here or there or getting hit by the enemies when they could have avoided it. Some may say this was done to show off the music, but it’s still nice to see genuine gameplay in a trailer.