With the current DCEU having started off with a laughably dark and edgy atmosphere courtesy of Zack Snyder, newer entries are leaning into the lighthearteness, none more so than the upcoming Shazam which now has a second trailer.

Embedded below is about two minutes worth of new footage which does its best to be endearing and, dammit, it really does work.

Some may still have reservations about Zachary Levi in the leading roll, but if the rest of the movie leans on his dorky, charming chops, then it will be in good stead.

If Levi as a big red Shazam throwing a toy Batman at a bad guy doesn’t make you at least a little happy, well, what did they replace your heart with? If it’s kryptonite we can talk about casting you as Metallo, but you’re not going to be a main character, okay?

Throughout the trailer Eminem’s song My Name Is, takes a prominent role (albeit with the adult parts left out). While repurposing older songs is nothing new for trailers, it kind of is this time around.

Eminem’s music was also used in Venom last year, but there it was an original track in the movie and not in a trailer. Also, this Shazam trailer has been uploaded to his official YouTube channel.

Given that Eminem has been in comics and recently made the news for being upset about the cancellation of The Punisher, it’s understandable that he’s getting more and more involved with superhero movies.

Man, present day is weird.

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