If you’re rightfully freaked out by computers imitating people but can stomach it for a good laugh, allow us to introduce you to the A Stable Genius YouTube channel and its series of political figure spoofs, which have expanded to Hillary Clinton (no relation).

The channel seems to have popped up around two months ago with its video “A Stable Genius Explains Rain“. It uses a synthesised voice trained to mimic Donald Trump, with the name of the channel and its videos based off of Trump’s claims of being “a stable genius“.

Aside from being a very convincing impersonation, the scripts that are read for the videos are very well written and should get a laugh out of anyone, regardless of their political leanings.

The channel then featured Barack Obama in a February video, George W Bush later that month, and now Hillary Clinton at the start of March.

We’ve embedded the video below but we highly recommend checking out the rest of the channel.

Those interested in the tech behind the videos – to make their own memes or for more nefarious reasons – will be happy to know that the model used to make the content may be made available in the future.

You can read the posts about it in the channel’s community section but, as we mentioned about nefarious uses, they are apprehensive about what it could be used for when it’s not messing around on Youtube for laughs.

All of this reminds of other ways that similar results were achieved. Back in the Obama era snippets of his speeches were cut together to make music videos and other such things. The same technique is still being used by dinoflask in the Overwatch community.

Both of those approaches achieve a similar effect, but are obviously made with edits, while what this new channel does is much more convincing.