While electric vehicles (EVs) are yet to really catch on here in South Africa, mainly due to an insufficient charging infrastructure, most local drivers know about the Nissan Leaf.

It’s been available to purchase in the country for a few years now, and recently achieved a relatively impressive milestone as far as EVs are concerned, as Nissan confirmed that more than 400 000 Leafs have been sold worldwide.

To put that in perspective the Nissan Lead has been on sale for the past eight years, which makes it roughly 50 000 models sold per year by our calculations.

As for which countries had the biggest appetite for Leafs, the United States leads the way with 90 000 cars, then Nissan’s native Japan with 50 000, and then the EU with 40 000. As such those three make up 90 percent of the 400 000 total, which means Nissan still has a bit of work to do in order to make its EVs more appealing to other countries.

It might also need to come up with a new impressive iteration of the Nissan Leaf, as Engadget points out that Tesla should soon surpass the Japanese carmaker, as it’s reported the 140 000 Model 3’s sold in 2018 alone.

How the Nissan Leaf will fare when more electric cars start hitting the roads, especially from German carmakers, remains to be seen. The one thing going for this car though, is that it’s still quite a bit less expensive than some of the electric vehicles that were revealed int he past two years.

It should be interesting to see what Nissan does in order to hit the one million mark.