If you’ve playing EA’s latest title, Anthem, on console, those using a PS4 may have run into some issues.

More specifically there were reports earlier this week that the game was forcing PS4 consoles to crash, and in some cases bricking the gaming device altogether.

At the time EA said it would look into the issues, but now developer BioWare has confirmed that the game was indeed forcing some PS4 consoles to crash, but did not explicitly state that bricking was happening.

BioWare’s head of online gaming, Chad Robertson, took to Twitter to announce that the developer would be working on a patch that would fix the “temp power-down crash.”

As for when said fix will be rolled out remains to be seen, as is whether BioWare will also prep a patch for Xbox and PC versions of the game to be on the safe side.

While Robertson advises simply powering off the PS4 in the event of an Anthem crash, we’d like to say that’s not always a good idea, especially as abruptly stopping the hard drive for any console or computer isn’t smart at the best of times.

The best solution in our opinion at the moment is waiting for the patch to be rolled out and then resuming your Anthem gameplay. Again, when it will arrive, remains to be seen. Perhaps you should try out free-to-play title Apex Legends in the interim.

As such this new problem is the latest in a string that has plagued an otherwise solid game, which has a few noteworthy elements. Consequently it looks like Anthem’s biggest competition is itself.