In the early hours of this morning, Huawei held a live streamed press conference to make an important announcement.

No, the Chinese firm was not debuting a new foldable phone, but rather confirmed that it would be taking legal action against the United States government regarding the recent restrictions and allegations it has made against the company, and labelling it a security threat.

The lawsuit has already been filed in a federal court located in the Eastern District of Texas. According to current chairman, Guo Ping, who addressed media during the press conference, Huawei has left with no choice after the actions of the US Congress, noting that their restrictions harmed both the United States and China.

“The U.S. Congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products. We are compelled to take this legal action as a proper and last resort,” said Ping.

“This ban not only is unlawful, but also restricts Huawei from engaging in fair competition, ultimately harming U.S. consumers. We look forward to the court’s verdict, and trust that it will benefit both Huawei and the American people,” he added.

Much of the US government’s behaviour is down to the fact that they believe Huawei’s hardware is potentially compromised and could be hacked in order to surreptitiously collect data by any Chinese state-sponsored agents. Huawei has patently denied any such allegations, with Ping adding that the company, “has not, and will never implant any backdoors…and will not allow anyone else to do so.”

Furthermore the Chinese company also claims that the US government has hacked its servers and stolen emails, while still not having any concrete evidence to support its allegations.¬†Added to this, Huawei says their recent actions have limited the firm’s ability to effectively complete in the burgeoning 5G market.

At the time of writing there has been no official comment or response from the United States, but needless to say this saga is far from over.

As it currently stands, Huawei’s plans to rollout 5G technologies to other regions in the world appear to be going relatively smoothly. In South Africa for example, they’ve already announced a partnership with local service provider Rain, to deliver a commercial 5G network by the middle of the year.

If you want to see the full press conference, hit plat on the video after the break.