Everyone has certain foods they don’t like or are allergic to, but most of us just learn to carefully remove it from certain dishes and hope it hasn’t contaminated the rest of the meal.

But Michael Reeves isn’t “most of us”, no no, because this mad scientist engineer wanted to automate the process with a pneumatic spike and a modified 3D printer.

On the hardware side of things the 3D printer acted as a positing system for the spike which has a screw at the end to impale any tomatoes, and a webcam is positioned separately to track a bowel of salad on the build plate.

Image recognition software then detects the bright red berries (yes, tomatoes are technically berries) against the greens of a salad. It uses this to provide coordinates to the 3D printer so it can activate the spike at the right place.

If you were expecting the spike to then slowly, gently pick the berry out of the salad, well then you’ve never watched this channel before. The action is extremely quick and violent, which of course leads to the entire salad being tossed rather too hard… right onto the floor.

Before you hit play down below just keep in mind that there’s strong language throughout, which is commonplace for the channel.

If you need further introduction to Reeves we suggest one of his first videos and the one which really put him on the map: a robot that intentionally shines a laser into your eyes.