Earlier this week a short video was doing the rounds on the internet where, in the latest Donald Trump blunder, the US President referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Apple.

This happened during an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting when Trump tried to thank the Apple CEO, but seemingly got his surname mixed up with the company he ran.

In hindsight it seems like an understandable mistake considering Donald Trump often uses his last name to brand all of his businesses from Trump University to Trump Steaks.

Following the video going viral, Cook has been able to show that he does indeed have a sense of humour, and recently changed his name on Twitter to Tim Apple. Or rather the Apple logo symbol (Tim ).

Unfortunately the logo is only viewable to people who view his profile on an iOS or macOS device.

Luckily that too has spawned a number of different interpretations, given the operating system of the device you’re viewing it on, and The Verge has collected a bunch of different versions for you to fawn over.

Is this the most important news of the week? No, not by a longshot, but it did put a smile on our faces this Friday morning.

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