If you’re heading into the weekend without anything to play, Steam has you covered with the regular slew of free weekends and discounted games we’ve come to expect as we draw closer to the end of every week.

The headliner for this, however, is the survival game Conan Exiles. While these kind of open world crafting games aren’t as popular as they once were – battle royale titles have stolen that spot – Conan Exiles still managed to make a splash when it left Early Access in May of last year.

According to a press release we received this is the first time the game has had a free weekend so anyone who’s been sitting on the fence for this opportunity can finally have a go on the house.

To coincide with this free weekend the developers are also offering the title at 50%. While the game being free ends, as you’d imagine, when the weekend does, the same cannot be said for the discounted price. Conan Exiles will be available for half off until 18th March.

The Deluxe Edition of the game with its DLC is also 40% off.

To coincide with all of this a new trailer for the game has also been released. Interestingly, near the beginning of the trailer, it showcases various buildings created by the playerbase.

If you’re at all interested in this game or you simply want to see something out of the Conan the Barbarian franchise, head on over to its Steam page.

The other game with a free weekend that’s already underway is Railway Empire, a management sim focused on the train industry of the past.

Railway Empire is discounted even further down 70% with its various pieces of DLC sitting at between 15% and 50% off.

Of the two games here we’ve definitely heard less about Railway Empire but that’s the beauty of free weekends: the ability to try out new genres and experiences without any risk.

Again, load up the Steam page to download it while it’s free, and maybe make a purchase if you like what you play.

If neither of these games are your speed, there are a bunch of other titles discounted too, but without a free weekend.

ParadigmDivinity: Original Sin 2Dynasty Warriors 8 and Warriors Orochi 4 are all on sale right now at various discounts.

Koei Tecmo is also hosting a publisher weekend with their catalogue reduced in price, and Jackbox Games are similarly reduced.