YouTube channel Crowbcat is known for its videos focusing on new games which have been downgraded in some way – either compared to previous entries in their franchise or when compared to their marketing.

With Crackdown 3 finally out after years of delays it fits into both these categories, and Crowbcat is here to show off these differences.

Most of the video compares 2019’s Crackdown 3 with the first entry in the franchise: 2007’s Crackdown. But, at around 10 minutes in, it will switch up the comparisons to a 2015 Gamescom showing.

As you may expect by the title of the video being “Crackdowngrade”, the newest game doesn’t fair very well in either comparison.

From the first game to this, the NPCs seem dumber, with less animation and less physics tied to them. Vehicles have been simplified with less damage modelling and reduced transformation stages.

When looking at the Gamescom reveal most of the downgrades seem to be in the destructible environments department.

You can watch the video embedded below and we suggest checking out the rest of the channel while you’re there. While it is known for highlighting games that have been scaled back, one of out favourite videos from the channel is actually the opposite when Doom 2016 actually improved things between its E3 presentation and its release.