We aren’t any closer to confirmation of Google’s rumoured streaming service, but if the tech giant is indeed working on one, we may have gotten a preview of what hardware the service will be using.

This comes after Yanko Design spotted a recent patent filing given to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Said filing is how a gaming controller, that on paper does not look like anything special, and in a lot of ways seems like the type of device we’ve seen on older generations of console.

There is something special about it, however, at least according to the patent filing details. To that end the hardware will serve as an internet-connected device that could operate independently from any hosting interface.

What that basically means is the controller will be universally compatible with any console, PC, notebook or tablet that could support Google’s streaming service.

Added to this would be the ability to receive chat notifications, play invitations, sound and music playback, along with any other types of app-based content that the streaming service would use.

The patent was originally filed in 2014, and also carries a notice that the final device could look far more different from the one designed for the filing. We hope this is the case, as it currently stands the design is quite bland indeed.

With Google yet to confirm whether they’ll be rapidly expanding its Project Steam initiative, this latest piece of news could mean an announcement is in the offing.

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