Last month we reported on rumours that Apple may have a news subscription service in the works, with the offering said to be announced in full at an event on 25th March.

While the Cupertino-based firm remains tight-lipped on what it’s been working on, they have now confirmed that an event is scheduled for 25th March, with the an image accompanying it saying “It’s showtime.”

The event is scheduled for 19:00 local time, with the company also live streaming it for those interested to see what’s in store.

As one person on Twitter pointed out, this is the same tagline that Apple used when it first debuted the Apple TV back in 2006.

The firm isn’t expected to release a new version of Apple TV hardware, but rather its own TV service that would service as an extension of the current bouquet of shows and movies it offers. As for how much original content will feature remains to be seen, but Apple has been toying with the idea of a fully fledged TV service for a number of years now.

Along with the TV service, the company is said to be announcing a new news offering as well, which is currently being billed as a Netflix-style platform. Again, what kind of guise that will actually is unclear, with the company already featuring its own Apple News app.

According to reports this version will bundle digital versions of newspapers and magazines for users, but it should be interesting to see if there is indeed an appetite for such an offering.

With concrete sources thin on the ground for the moment, we’ll have to wait for further news or leaks as the 25th March event nears closer.