At the dawn of the computer’s popularity, founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, famously said, “a computer on every desk and in every home running Microsoft software”.

That phrase was first said publicly in 1980 but fast forward to today and computers have spread not only throughout our homes but also into the palm of our hands.

Naturally you might be thinking we’re talking about smartphones but we’re actually talking about tiny desktop PCs that fit into your hand.

These computers have proven rather popular for chip maker Intel who has been making a home for these computers in a range it calls the Next Unit of Computing or NUC.

The latest family to launch within the Intel NUC range is the Intel Bean Canyon NUC which at its smallest measures in at 4inches x 4inches.

These tiny PCs contain the full weight of Intel’s eighth generation technology with a variety of unlocked Core i5 and i7 processors installed within. For enthusiasts or those that cannot compromise on performance Bean Canyon NUCs can also be configured with Intel’s 9th generation Core i5, i7 or i9 processors.

Inside the latest chipset you’ll find Intel Iris 655 graphics which will serve you well if you plan on putting the NUC below your living room TV for a bit of light, low-demand gaming.

For those that need a bit more grunt when it comes to graphical prowess, enthusiast level NUCs can be configured with AMD Radeon RX M GH graphics.

This means that even if your work involves video or photo editing the Intel NUC is up to the task. Intel has succeeded in making a product that can wear a variety of hats whether it be work or play.

All of this power is contained in a box that fits in the palm of your hand meaning you can switch desks at work every day if need be or place the NUC below your TV for a truly smart viewing experience.

That’s the beauty of the NUC, whether you want to use it for work or as a hub for your home’s entertainment needs, it’s possible.

In addition to the RAM and storage you get with the NUC you can add RAM or storage as you see fit thanks to an additional DRAM slot and space for an M.2 solid state drive. Need a multitasking beast? The NUC can do it. Need more storage for Photoshop working files? You can add more to the NUC whenever you need it.

For the best customisation, get yourself an Intel NUC kit which comes without RAM or storage so that you can tailor the device to your needs.

The Intel Bean Canyon NUC is a versatile piece of kit that gives you the power of Windows 10 and all of its features in a tiny, affordable package.

Local resellers looking to stock NUCs from Intel should get in touch with Rectron to find out more.

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