Microsoft recently detailed the latest set of features and improvements it’s working on in their latest Preview Build of Windows 10.

Among the many things they’re working on, the most intriguing is screen mirroring for Android apps, which is a feature that has long been missing for the operating system.

Currently the feature is only available to Insider Program members, with the build in question numbered 18356. The feature is referred to as “Phone Screen” with it requiring the latest version of the Windows 10 Preview Build on one’s smartphone too.

There is also one other important limitation for Insiders to be aware of, with Microsoft only making it compatible with select Samsung devices – the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9 and S9 Plus.

It’s something that Microsoft has been teasing for some time, as it featured on their latest Surface device demo back in October last year. Once connected, via low latency Bluetooth, the screen from your smartphone is mirrored onto a remote session on your PC.

From there a list of compatible Android apps will appear, and users can access their desired mobile application from their PC instead of their phone.

If you’re asking why such a feature is needed, it could prove quite useful as far as multitasking in the workplace goes, especially as it could allow users to use their PC screen instead of using both their PC and smartphone, as the latter can be distracting at times.

Whether this screen mirroring will be enhanced into a full smartphone to PC monitor solution such as Samsung DeX or indeed the Continuum Dock that select Windows Phones used to sport, remains to be seen.

It’s also unclear when this feature will become fully fledged in Windows 10, but seeing as how it’s made it to the Preview Build stage, the wait shouldn’t be long.